New Heights Live! at Nippert Stadium

New Heights Live! Tickets

Nippert Stadium | Cincinnati, Ohio

New Heights Live!

This Spring comes an EPIC night of exhilarating entertainment as New Heights Live! touches down at Nippert Stadium on Thursday, 11th April 2024. Cincinnati, Ohio will be buzzing with excitement as fans gather to witness an eventful showcase featuring Super Bowl champions and podcast sensations, Jason and Travis Kelce. Starting from $132, tickets are your passport to an evening that promises laughter, insights and charismatic banter that only the Kelce brothers can deliver.

Jason and Travis Kelce

The Kelce brothers, celebrated for their prowess on the football field, are also acclaimed for their magnetic podcast, New Heights. As former Cincinnati Bearcats, they bring a long lived history and a string of commendable successes back to their college turf. Fans will revel in the brothers' signature mix of sports commentary, lifestyle and humor, making every moment reverberate with their lively charisma. Boasting numerous accolades including Super Bowl victories and a well-loved podcast with a strong following, the Kelce duo is set to transform Nippert Stadium into a hub of engaging storytelling and exceptional stage charisma.

Nippert Stadium Information

Nippert Stadium, a historic gem with a sporting legacy dating back to 1924, continues to host special events after its substantial renovation and expansion in 2014-2015. With a current capacity of around 40,000 fans, it stands as the third-oldest NCAA FBS stadium. Patrons can look forward to experiencing the latest enhancements, ensuring a comfortable and well known show entertainment. Spectators can revel in the unique vibe that only Nippert Stadium can provide thanks to 40,000 capacity! For any additional information, please contact the stadium directly and they’ll be glad to assist you.

Ticket Information

Be part of history as New Heights Live! comes to Cincinnati. Secure your spot by purchasing tickets through the trusted platform, Ticket Squeeze. Simply click the "buy tickets" button to secure your seat. With a secure purchasing process, you are assured peace of mind and a seamless transaction. Don't miss your chance to join the thrilling vibe as the Kelce brothers take to the stage in their college hometown.

New Heights Live! at Nippert Stadium

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